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The Truth About Vintage Amps with Skip Simmons

Dec 6, 2022

Episode 106: No special guests, but plenty of amp questions answered and some recipes! 

Some of the topics discussed: 

1:01 It's good to be anxious

3:59 Our Patreon page:

4:18 Any interest in a Seattle amp swap meet / hang on December 31? Message me at

4:49 Deluxe's TAVA-tribute El Pato-Tone 9-volt practice amp: Now available in the green El Pato can! (Reverb link)

7:51 Music recommendation: Thee Sinseers (NPR Tiny Desk concert link); The "5" Royales (YouTube link)

9:23 How is amp output affected by adding speakers?

12:39 Impedance vs resistance, revisited; phaser analysis; chicken curry

17:27 The Soursound transformers episode (link); when does the speaker deep dive happen?; amps with hybrid circuits; harpist Emily Hopkins (YouTube link), 8417 tubes

27:38 Netflix's new documentary, 'Travelin' Band: Creedence Clearwater Revival at the Royal Albert Hall'

30:45 Harp player Paul Oscher; Jontavious Willis' interview with Oscher on the Diddie Wah Diddie podcast (link)

33:34 Tips on extending wiring; a Western Electric Slice

37:06 Safe long-term storage of vintage amps; a Falcon discovered in the trunk of a car

40:23 What's the simplest tube reverb circuit? the Boss FRV-1 '63 Fender Reverb pedal, vintage Premier 90 Reverb tanks

45:38 'The How & Why of Guitar Tube Amps' by Gar Gillies (order:

50:57 Now you have a third salad dressing

51:31 Is the speaker switch I made safe to use? Grits with smoked gouda

1:00:07 Buying a second-hand Mesa Boogie amp

1:04:02 What's the CSA Thermal Protector on a Fender Musicmaster Bass amp?

1:06:52 An Australian Philips PA conversion that won't stop popping and crackling; cathode resistors and plate load resistors

1:09:17 Three Marshall Super Lead heads, one that has ghosting; filter capacitance

1:18:35 Soup with kale and white beans

1:21:01 Yank magazine; a fancy tube tester (and a Heathkit signal generator) still available at Skip's; Rabbit Hole bourbon (link); Sherwood (British TV show); see Skip at the Marin Guitar Show (January 2023, link)

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