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The Truth About Vintage Amps with Skip Simmons

Mar 11, 2021

Bribed with cans of El Pato, guitarist Nels Cline joins Jason and Skip on this week's Truth About Vintage Amps Podcast for a transparent talk about amplifiers and hot sauce. 

Plus... listener questions, PA conversions, upcycling all those holiday spices, animal husbandry and more.
Some of the topics discussed on this week's episode:
0:12 Special guest, Nels Cline! Amplifiers (Webster-Chicago, Milkman, Studious, ZT Lunchbox), hot sauce (Mellow Habanero from, and music (Wilco, resonator sextets, Oregon, Ralph Towner, Weather Report, Ohmme, and more)
45:01 Today's sponsors: Amplified Parts and Grez Guitars
46:07 Poll: Skip walks you through Tweed Deluxe and Brown Deluxe differences OR Fender Princeton iterations
47:59 Schematic Heaven (link)
49:49 The answer to last week's Where's the Fender Death Cap? baffler
51:10 Fine tuning the reverb on a Gibson-made Maestro Reverb Echo
57:58 Marriage advice
1:02:53 What to do with a 100-watt Lafayette PA with the expander circuit? Make a Sorrel cocktail with old holiday spices (link)
1:09:21 How to determine when capacitors need to be replaced
1:15:06 Fixing a Gibson EH-150, in pieces, with a bad field coil speaker; putting a field coil speaker in a non-field coil amp
1:22:02: Is a Gibson EH-150 Class A Push-Pull? What is Class A?
1:24:34 The Country Side of Harmonica Sam (YouTube link)
1:25:52 Streaming radio stations on the internet
1:27:15 Why do so many amps in the Jack Darr book have the volume in the front of the first stage?

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