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The Truth About Vintage Amps with Skip Simmons

Dec 7, 2021

It's the 84th episode of the Truth About Vintage Amps! 

This week's episode is sponsored by Jupiter Condenser Co.Amplified Parts and Grez Guitars.

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Some of the topics discussed this week:

1:52: Full transcription of Ep. 83 on our Patreon (yay or nay?) 

4:14 Skip's recommended gifts: Jack Darr, Joy of Cooking, the Gibson amp book, the Ampeg amp book, Fender Amps: The First 50 Years; El Pato

6:57 A new baffler: 1964 Super Reverb with a three-prong cord

10:10 A pristine 1956 Fender Pro that needs TLC 

14:42 An Audio Guild Bonham 120 with low vibrato intensity

20:34 Taming a Fender Twin Reverb reissue by pulling the 12AX7 on the normal channel

27:27 ID'ing the oil for a Tel-Ray oil-can echo unit / Ucon LB-65

29:55 How to find replacement 1" diameter Mallory can capacitors for a 1950s Valco with 1" diameter Mallory can capacitors, re-using old funky wire, the Fender 5E5 Pro input,

40:36 A 1965-ish Princeton Reverb that makes wave crashing sounds

42:31 PSA on three-prong power cords: SVT or SJT jackets 

45:46 Finding time in your busy life to work on amps 

50:57 Changing the circuit on a late 1940s Harmony Model 200; Mr. In-Between; Pig 

57:51 Fender Concert IIs: Any good? 

1:01:07 Resistors influence on tone? 

1:06:10 Ledaig single malt scotch, Jameson's Black Barrel whiskey, and other stuff sent to Skip; Body and Soul Pedals by listener Yann (, available at Real Guitars in SF)

1:12:02 A recently shipped tube amp that lost its volume 

1:16:53 The unique field coil wiring on a Hammond M-3 organ

1:24:19 Some Leslie 147 amp discoveries

1:33:47 The answer to this week's baffler

1:35:08 A Tweed Bassman clone with a loud squeal 

Hosted by amp tech Skip Simmons. Co-hosted and produced by the Fretboard Journal's Jason Verlinde.

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