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The Truth About Vintage Amps with Skip Simmons

Feb 24, 2022

Special guest Max Hart joins Skip and Jason to talk about working with Melissa Etheridge (and Katy Perry), using vintage tube amps on the road, his pedal board and more. Plus, all the usual listener submitted questions, recipes and more. 

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Some of the topics discussed this week:

2:30 Putting the old Astron Minimite capacitors back inside a Vibrolux... in Thailand

6:22 Special guest Max Hart: Melissa Etheridge, touring through COVID-times, Hammond B-3 variations, Max's pedal board, Leslie 147s vs. 122s, touring with a vintage Fender Deluxe Reverb, in-ear monitors, Eric Gardner, living in Woodland, CA, his guitars of choice, Klon clones, Boss RV-6 reverb pedal, click tracks, Gruene Hall

45:00 Too flippant about chokes: Skip revisits last week's chokes question.

46:28 Baffer: A Chris Stapleton model Princeton with a tube rectifier that won't work

50:40 Skip's #1 Retropolitan amp for sale (sold, Instagram link)

53:51 Testing the pulled / bad caps on a serviced Fender 1962 6G4A

55:57 Quick and easy crispy corndogs; bacon bourbon; did Tool's Adam Jones really freeze his amplifiers?

59:41 A Bogen Challenger 35A making demonic sounds with no speaker hooked up

1:05:13 A heartwarming tale: Milling old Sacramento trees

1:08:28 Portobello mushrooms and a blown-up Orange OR15

1:14:40 The rectifier tube in a '50s Magnatone 213, fixing a rotten cabinet

1:16:43 A modified tone stack on a Weber Deluxe Reverb kit

1:23:02 Old business: Preferred Gibson Falcon reverb tank (4FB3D1B)

1:25:04 Farmers Brewing; Secret Trail Brewing Co. 

1:25:20 Skip gets a package for Russell Simmons

1:26:57 A Silverface Champ with a 250k pot instead of a 1mg pot

1:27:59 A Magnatone Varsity project for sale