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The Truth About Vintage Amps with Skip Simmons

Aug 24, 2022

Episode 99 of our podcast and Skip has one more surprise in store...  yet another giveaway prize for our 100th episode! 

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Some of the topics discussed this week:

:23 The Fretboard Summit Chicago: Come see Jason, Larry Chung, Grez Guitars, and more August 25-27 at Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music (link)

7:02 One more prize for our 100th episode giveaway: A 1971 Skip-modded SF Champ

10:30 Skip is headed to a guitar show... in January (link)

12:55 A 1928 National Squareneck Tricone Style 1 for sale; a Recording King amp

17:56 One thing we've learned about vintage amps over the course of this podcast, a 1960 Fender Super in factory white (Instagram link)

23:55 Choosing the ultimate pickup-testing amp

28:13 Isaiah Mitchell; bias or no bias

32:54 A twin Reverb with a dying sound on the vibrato channel

38:50 Goat judging, redux (Instagram link)

44:39 Reverb without transformers, ie the Ampeg GU-12

46:34 A Traynor YGM-3 with an overly metallic reverb

48:38 Is an amp a signal pusher or a signal sucker?

51:03 Music Man amps, keeping a 12AX7 from failing, 6CA7 tubes, Johnny Winter's burning Music Man (YouTube link)

53:43 Could Gibson successfully reissue a Crestline-era style amp?

58:54 How important is an original output transformer?

1:01:18 The high-pitched ringing of a V2 (12AX7) on a 5F4 clone
1:03:23 A 1968 Fender Bronco vs. a '75 Vibro Champ 

1:05:55 The Gibson GA-50, thoughts and maintenance; another way to ground your amp (non-three prong plug)
1:11:00 Giving yourself more spacing in an amp build to accommodate bigger hands 
1:13:26 B+/power transformer questions on a 1977 Vibrolux Reverb 
1:18:30 Peavey Encore 65 footswitch, redux 

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