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The Truth About Vintage Amps with Skip Simmons

Feb 8, 2023

An episode that almost went off the rails (a missing special guest, talk of tragic balloon heroes, street tacos) but somehow gets back to amp basics.

Some of the topics discussed this week:

3:56 Skip's decision to quit being a drawbridge operator, Skip visits Eminence  

8:58 Austin Ribbon Mics, the Hot Holder Pro (

Feb 1, 2023

Episode 109: A long build-up to the amp troubleshooting, but plenty to discuss, including a new puppy, the realities of vintage guitar shows, grandmothers getting run over by reindeer, and ferrite beads. Some of the topics discussed this week:

:34 Meet Junior

5:59 Skip's report from the 2023 Bay Area Amigos Guitar...