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The Truth About Vintage Amps with Skip Simmons

Oct 22, 2020

Once again, guitar amp tech Skip Simmons is fielding your questions on all things tube amp.

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Some of the topics discussed on this episode:

6:50 The Truth About Vintage Amps Patreon Page: New contributions from Jesse at Acme Instruments
10:00 Trusting a repair tech and what to do with old, removed parts 
12:40 A driver for a horn speaker; dogs chasing golf balls, Specimen Audio
19:10 Ceramic fast-acting versus glass fuses  
25:56 Putting two single-ended output transformers in series to make a larger single-ended output transformer
36:56 Solid state watts versus tube watts 
39:07 A Garnet G15T Gnome with a 6V6 that fluctuates in time; the Garnet Herzog 
42:56 Fender Super Reverb tremolo disconnect mods 
48:09 Employing a Cetron CE-25C photocell tube to make a Theremin (or something like it)
51:40 More bean talk: Teasdale beans; Instant Pot revisited
56:57 Using two lower-value pre-amp plate load resistors in series 
58:53 Pete Millett's online tube book reference library (link)
1:04:34 Skip's book picks: Patrick O'Brian, Tony Hillerman, James Lee Burke, Martin Cruz Smith 
1:09:43 Gary Gulman's "The Hierarchy of Cookies" (link)
1:10:13 Getting a Gibson "Charlie Christian" EH-150 amp serviced properly; Orange Drop caps 
1:21:30 "Sodder" versus "solder," yet again

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