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The Truth About Vintage Amps with Skip Simmons

Sep 9, 2021

It's the 78th episode of the Truth About Vintage Amps Podcast: Speaker installation tips, more pizza hacks (thanks Pillsbury),  special Patreon guest Mike Watson (the 6L6s) and more.

This week's episode is sponsored by Jupiter Condenser Co.Amplified Parts and Grez Guitars

Some of the topics discussed this week: 

:41: Lots of cool amps at Skip's: The 44th Fender Tweed Tremolux, a Twin Reverb with a 7355 tube chart
2:46 Putting a tremolo circuit in a Masco MA-25N PA head
6:16 A pre-amp for a pro harp player with high-and-low impedance in-and-out
6:57 Shure sends Skip an MV7 USB podcast microphone (link); this week's sponsors: Amplified Parts, Grez Guitars, Jupiter Condenser Co.
10:25 Get an old typewriter
11:43 The TAVA Patreon Page (link)
12:57 Special Patreon guest: Mike Watson of the 6V6s (Ep. 60, Chris Siegmund, Signal Corps. Amplifiers, Western Electric 100F, Garnets, Marsland speakers, putting two Filmosounds in a Gibson GA-79 cabinet, speaker-driven reverb, Fender VibroChamps, mojo, Swampdonkey amplifiers, a Stromberg Carlson AU-33 with reverb and tremolo, Albert Johnson of Johnson Amplifiers).
[Editor's note: It looks like Chris Siegmund passed away last year.]
37:42 Fretboard Journal refrigerator magnets (not happening); TAVA t-shirts (happening!)
40:48 Favorite good goo for getting wax off early '70s Fender eyelet boards
42:02 Replacing caps on an Ampeg Rocket R-12/J-12  
46:34 #mywifehatespodcasts
48:17 A 1993 Fender Blues DeVille that needs a new input jack
51:30 British rock connections, the Stones and Muddy Waters, Selmer Futurama amps (link)
59:17 The Bardwell & McAlister PA gets a new home
1:00:14 DIY: A Gibson Vari Tone circuit in an El Pato can (Make magazine)
1:00:57 Tips for amps flooded in Hurricane Ida
1:03:57 Lab series amps / Dan Pearce
1:04:29 Speaker installation tips
1:12:04 A 1978 Fender Champ with red plating tube and a solid state rectifier for the 5y3
1:22:38 Pillsbury Pizza dough, Nic Grabien
1:27:07 A solution for the loud Traynor YBA-1: the YBA-1 Tribute and the YBA-1 Mod 1; the Traynor Bass Mate
1:31:15 Ampeg Reverberocket R-12 R with 120k phase inverter plate resistors; Bunnahabhain 12 year Scotch; Little Kings beer

There is also a TAVA Big Index page located here. 

Co-hosted by the Fretboard Journal's Jason Verlinde.

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