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The Truth About Vintage Amps with Skip Simmons

Oct 22, 2021

Producer and musician John Vanderslice returns to the Truth About Vintage Amps Podcast with Skip Simmons. 

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Some of the topics discussed this week:
8:40 Special guest: Musician/producer John Vanderslice returns! dEATh bUg, CRYSTALS; running Tiny Telephone studio during COVID, getting double-vaxxed, staying motivated, tape vs. digital recordings, Forssell converters, the four-track pre-amp used by Mk.Gee on Dijon's new song (YouTube link), Ritchie Blackmore uses an AKAI tape deck, Gibson Falcons, Peter Jensen's Magnovox speakers, Schoeps CMC and MK4 microphones, Neve 31102, Shure 565, Bogen RP2 mic-pre, Stromberg-Carlson AV38, Yamaha NS-10s as mics, Frank Sinatra, Vanderslice's Spotify Playlists (link)

1:06:43 Recommended Reading: They Might Be Giants' BOOK (order link), "I Broke My Own Rule" (YouTube link); Warren Ellis' 'Nina Simone's Gum' (Amazon link)

1:11:38 How to interview prospective amp techs

1:19:32 Making a copy of a Magnatone 210 with a jack socket on either side of the vibrato circuit; Kewpie Japanese mayonnaise

1:21:56 The Fender Champ 12's speaker-driven reverb (revisited), peppers in a cast iron pan

1:27:42 Bridging a Fender tube amp

1:30:46 Optimizing a Stromberg-Carlson AU-42 for guitar; 'Look Me in the Eye' by (Amazon link), old olive orchards

1:38:49 Fixing goop'd amps (Joe Bonamassa's Instagram link)

1:42:24 Eric Daw (Fret Files Podcast, luthier, Gibson handle MacGyver)

1:43:56 Blown Marshall output transformer (JCM800 2303)

1:46:09 Outboard reverb and trem units: Weber's ReVibe and TorVibe

1:47:47 Jumpered Marshall amps and La Costena & El Pato Frijoles (email us for the recipe)

1:52:08 Steve Dawson (Music Makes & Soul Shakers); a 1953 Fender Deluxe (5B3) with a sweet spot at 4; troubleshooting a dud Deluxe clone

1:58:57 Ohsawa organic tamari; availalbe: An SVT bass amp in Oroville, California, a single-ended Knight PA head at Skip's, and a Vox Cambridge Reverb

Co-hosted by the Fretboard Journal's Jason Verlinde.

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